Monday, October 24, 2011

Sew Sexy

So back at school after the October holidays, Whoopedeedo , the smell of teenage drama fills me once more. I had my first Panic attack of year 12 today! How exciting!It was followed by a major mental breakdown, I did get to go home afterwards so this was plus.Anyway, all I can do is try again tomorrow ( minus da panic)

To bigger and better stuff I have turned my attention to the sewing machine mum bought me two birthdays ago. To be honest at the time I was like, Sewing machine! you don't get a sewing machine for your birffday! Needless to say I love it now! I am quite an aggressive sewer so this baby is perfect cause she sturdy. I happened to get some cheap fabric from a craft shop and ended up making a strapless maxi dress and/ or skirt. It has elastic around the top and straps underneath so the length of the dress can be changed. It looks like a pimped out potato sack in the picture but I am one sexy potato in it!
While I attempted to make a skirt, some psycho maniac cut it waaay to short. The skirt is now a bag! magic!

You know what shits me? Buttons that are not colour co-ordinated, I am the best daughter!

ok, I have to go Year 1222 now (Jokes! i too lazy) See you next time beautiful people!

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  1. Colour coordinated in an egg carton if I'm not mistaken :)

    Mine are all sorted, but I've no idea where. Maybe the shed, maybe a cupboard... but wherever they are, they're nicely grouped by colour and shape. Such things are important.